Long Hai where connects value - Cooperation - Development - Towards the future. With our passion, desire and enthusiasm, we always aim for real value for our customers and businesses. The success of the businesses, the satisfaction of the customers is our honor, pride and success.

    On the way of 16 years of establishment and development, we always provide top quality products and services in Vietnam and internationally through advertising and communication services, and e-commerce.

    In the field of media advertising, we have services such as advertising of large outdoor panels (one column panels, panels at the intersection in the provinces across the country), organizing events, introduction of new products…

     The advertising has brought us a lot of experience, sensitivity to information, marketing research and with the developed speed of the Internet, we have launched the  e-commerce platform "Longhaiplaza.com". Our 4.0 technology development and the      e-commerce platform have been connecting value to businesses anywhere, anytime. To deliver value, import and export and logistics operations to the supply chain of all quality products to the global.

   The strengths to make Long Hai's brand name are: the sharpness of catching information, the responsibility to work seriously, professionally, carefully to create the best quality and the most impressive products and services.

    With faith "The fire that burns my heart is the fire that burns your heart." That is the spirit of cohesion, unity that forms the foundation, solid strength of Long Hai.

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