Sacha inchi oil: A comprehensive product for you


Sacha inchi oil: A comprehensive product for you

Sacha inchi oil is cholesterol-free with many health benefits, such as beautiful skin, pain relief, heart health, and so on.

Sacha inchi oil is recognized as one of the most essential “superfoods” for human nutrition. In addition to being yellow in color and delicate in flavor, it is also easier to digest than fish oil. You only take a tablespoon of oil after dinner or add to your salads and daily foods (cereals, fish, meat, and fruit salad, etc.) to supplement this substance.

We will offer interesting information about oil made from sacha inchi seeds that you may be interested in

Nutrition fact of sacha inchi oil

This little-known vegetable oil is unique because of the unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 93.69% and the low saturated fatty acid content of 6.39% only.

In addition, it also contains essential fatty acids:

Sacha inchi oil is rich in protein, vitamins, and fiber and easy to digest. It has a flavor similar to olive oil, which vegetarians are interested in

Benefits of sacha inchi oil

A number of outstanding benefits that this oil offers you:

1. Improvement of cardiovascular health

The number of healthy fats in this oil can reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol level. A pilot study has proved the benefits of oil for patients with dyslipidemia.

Moreover, Sacha inchi oil also promotes the condition of the cardiovascular system. It is also a good source of phytosterol which has a structure similar to cholesterol but effectively reduces the absorption of cholesterol to improve health.

2. Sacha inchi is beneficial for skin

Sacha inchi oil is beneficial for skin health. Essential fatty acids play a very significant role in maintaining softness and elasticity as well as moisturizing for smoother and vibrant skin.

Its benefits for the skin are also promoted by the presence of tocopherols which are part of the vitamin E family to support collagen production.

In addition, experts also appreciate the antioxidant activity of oil to protect the skin from harmful environmental agents. Two of the antioxidants found in sacha inchi oil are vitamins A and E which support skin tone balance, remove scars and wrinkles. Moreover, the oil extracted from sacha inchi seeds is also very suitable for acne skin to minimize inflammation, redness, tighten pores, and improve epidermal health.

3. Hair care for a healthy shiny hair

Oils can be a great choice for a natural hair care routine due to the high amount of omega-3 which can keep hair shiny by control of moisture, thereby reducing irritation such as dry and itchy scalp.

4. Improvement of diabetes

This vegetable oil may be very useful in preventing diabetes, thanks to its high content of omega-3. The omega-3 will regulate blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity and support the balance of insulin and glucose levels, which those with diabetes are difficult to do.


5. Good for brain

The brain is mainly made up of fat, so essential fatty acids are very important for the health of this vital organ. The sacha inchi oil contains a high level of essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation in the brain and protect you against diseases like dementia and Alzheimers.

6. Offer you a sound sleep

The sacha inchi oil is also beneficial for sleep because it contains tryptophan - an amino acid that can promote serotonin release. Serotonin is a hormone associated with feelings of well-being, which can promote rest, relaxation, and happiness.

In addition, sacha inchi oil contains a relatively large amount of magnesium to help you sleep better

7. Support weight loss.

If you make efforts to lose weight in a positive method, this oil is a good choice. The sacha inchi oil contains tryptophan - an essential amino acid that regulates the feeling of appetite. Its content of fiber and protein also makes you feel fuller for longer.



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