What is Sachi?


 Pictures of sachi trees

Sachi Inu Inchi, or Inca Nuts, is a plant belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. It consists of 19 species, native to the tropical jungle of the Amazon. the country of Peru.

 Where is Sachi Grown?

Sachi has been planted by people in the Amazon for centuries. Trees will easily grow in warm climates, small males, white, and arranged in clusters. Two female flowers are placed in the center of the flower cluster. Sachi fruit has a green star, about 4-6 lobes, matured and ripen, turning brown and creating a small outer shell.


 Sachi flowers

Scientists have studied and surprised with the nutrients found in Sachi seeds. And surprisingly, Sachi is the seed of the olive oil - the most advanced vegetable oil.

In Sachi the digestibility of nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids for humans reaches 96%. In all other plants, sachi has the highest intake of omega-3 fatty acids, helping to develop and improve the mind, lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, balance neurons, and reduce the risk of sudden death from heart disease. In addition, omega 6 in

Sachi also prevents cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, regulates blood pressure, decreases brain degeneration and enhances vision. Sachi also contains antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E, some essential amino acids and proteins. This is one of the most important ingredients for developing a healthy, moisturizing complexion. Sachi Oil reduces the amount of scleric hair and improves nutrient levels for healthy and shiny hair.

 Some Sachi Products
Sachi oil
Sachi oils are often hand-pressed from Peruvian people and can be used immediately afterwards. Sachi Oil is considered to be a good source of nutritional supplements for human health. It contains naturally rich omega-3 fatty acids, which help to improve the health of the cardiovascular system, prevent arrhythmias, reduce the risk of heart attacks and help reduce cardiovascular disease. . In addition, with the effect of enhancing the flavor and taste of food, Sachi helps the food, cosmetics diffuse the different scents. Sachi was above all, standing on top of olive oil, giving herself a unique position, a king of kings. That is why in June 2017, the Mesdaille d'or "Oil of the World" Gold Medal at the AVPA Food Commodity Fair was awarded to Sachi.



Sachi oil

Sachi powder

Inside the Sachi powder contains 65% protein, rich in essential amino acids and other unsaturated fatty acids. Sachi powder has been used as a functional food and is also used as a nutritious food.

Sachi capsules:




Sachi capsules are derived from plants that have high natural antioxidants, no solvents and are particularly unsightly so they are easy to use for all ages and all objects.

Other products from Sachi seeds Sachi is processed into many products with various flavors such as roasted salt, pepper, honey honey, chocolate wrap ...


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